How do you hire a web designer

how do you hire a web designer and how do you make sure the hiring process of your web designer works perfectly I'm going to break down the things you need to guarantee before any web development starts on your small business website because it's such an important part of your business and your marketing future you've got to ask the right questions and you've got to get it set up right in the first place check the first question you have to ask your potential web design agency is do you own your own website domain now this might sound like a silly question but ultimately a lot of web design agencies speak to businesses who have never had a web site before and as part of the process they typically buy the domain on the behalf of the business owner now once that happens what can happen sometimes is that some web design agencies do is they own the domain outright so your business has a website is online you've got a great domain name for your business but guess what you don't even own it because you didn't ask that question y ou didn't make sure they transferred ownership of the domain to you or even better the best way to handle this is for you to buy your domain name first once you've bought your domain the web design agency can work on the website and then connect the two together therefore meaning you still own and control your website domain so this is really important guys make sure you own your website domain because it's the I guess it's the glue that holds your whole business together in a digital fashion so own your domain buy it at first and if you haven't bought it in your web design agency have bought it get clarification on who actually owns your website domain it will save you a lot of trouble in the future the next thing to ask your potential web design agency is whether or not they're going to use a CMS a CMS is essentially a content management system now a good example of a CMS would be WordPress which is one of the most common most widely used CMS's out there so using WordPress would be a good start but there are tons of others out there some bespoke some mainstream but ultimately you want to be able to once your website goes live make changes in edits to website in terms of the text content imagine if you have to just change a title on a page and you had to call your web design agency up they make the change for you and then all of a sudden you're lumbered with a bill for $50 or $100 just for changing a title tag or just a heading so make sure you have the ability to make minor changes to your website now wholesale changes like layouts and images and things like that might be an issue it might cost you more but in the long term if you set the I set the expectation with the web design agency that you need to use the CMS so you can make updates to your website then that is really important now the next point is really importa nt as well and that is not to get ripped off on web hosting now I've built websites in the past life hosted websites in the past now I take the point that I'm not a web designer first I'm a marketer but ultimately I understand how hosting works and if you're paying top dollar for your hosting on a monthly basis then you're getting ripped off now I know a lot of web design is a problem they get really angry with me right now because ultimately web design hosting doesn't cost that much so if you are paying over the odds for your hosting on a monthly basis and yes I know what design agencies want to make a retainer and maximize the revenue per customer and have an ongoing passive source of income and hosting is a great way to do that as an add-on but ultimately hosting shouldn't cost you too much if you find yourself paying hundreds of dollars a month on hosting your website that you're being ripped off

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